Tuesday, March 06, 2007

DreamHealer and Edgar Mitchell

Dreamhealer (Dr. L Pulos Speaks on Adam)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dream Healer in LA

On December 10th Adam the DreamHealer presented his full-day conference in L.A. to a captive audience in the full Grand Ballroom at the Marriott Los Angeles Downtown. Armed with his powerpoint presentation, he launched into his lecture portion where energy in its most basic form is explained as the invisible connection between us all. This is the essence of energy healing and its infinite possibilities. Adam the DreamHealer reduces complicated quantum physics and cutting edge biology and chemistry to everyday language that everyone felt comfortable with. His unique group healings follow so everyone has the opportunity to not only understand these concepts, but to actively participate in two energy treatments. Experiencing them is the ultimate teaching skill and the audience is transformed from passive observers into a coherent group of active participants.

Word of Adam DreamHealer’s workshops is spreading throughout the globe as his 3 bestselling books are now available in 16 languages world-wide. A woman and her daughter purchased his books in South Africa and flew to L.A. for this DreamHealer conference. One couple from Guatemala are attending their second DreamHealer workshop, and are hoping to convince Adam to hold a workshop there. There are several visitors from Mexico, Europe and many people from all parts of United States and Canada. They have all read his DreamHealer books prior to attending in order to get the most out of their healing experiences. Even so, his books and DVD fly off the bookshop display for the conference. Everyone attending knows someone else who needs to know this information.

Many of the participants, over 50% are healers themselves; either medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, psychologists, massage therapists, nurses, reiki and qigong masters and every other healing discipline. This DreamHealer workshop is attended by anyone open-minded enough to believe in themselves. That is the focus of the entire conference: self-empowerment. Many health care professionals understand that the most underused asset in health care today is utilizing the power of the individual themselves. When you think about it there isn’t much room for controversy in that! Adam the DreamHealer clearly and simply provides us with tools to maximize our own potential, and the group healings allow us to experience energy healing first hand. This gives us a jump-start in our own healing as we take the visualization homework with us that Adam DreamHealer teaches.

You don’t have to speak to many people to find positive testimonials. The room is buzzing with attendees sharing positive results with each other. An editor from a major USA magazine is frantically taking notes for an article about Adam DreamHealer. Many people have attended a previous workshop and have such profound positive results that they will fly across the continent to be at another.

At the close of the workshop Adam the DreamHealer signs books and answers questions. The 500 person line-up snakes through the entire foyer of the second floor, yet no complaints are heard. The patient people are thrilled to have had the experience. Some are noticing positive results immediately. Others can hardly wait to start their homework that Adam has taught.
The next upcoming Adam DreamHealer conference/workshop has been sold out for several months and will be held in Vancouver, B.C. on January 20th. He will also be speaking in Toronto, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta in February and March. In May he is a feature presenter at the Alternative and Integrative Physicians of B.C.(AIPBC) Conference at University of Victoria, B.C., with Dr David Suzuki as the keynote. This Spring there are two conferences/ workshops scheduled for USA. He will be presenting in Portland, Oregon on April 29th and Newark, New Jersey May 5th. Adam DreamHealer will also be presenting his first European Conference in London, England on June 30th. The global community is more ready to receive his information as word spreads about how he can trigger the maximum potential within all of us.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Empower Plus


Thank you so much for your excellent coverage on Empower Plus and this important turn around.

Likely you will hear from Terry Polevoy, who is blatantly pro-pharmaceuticals who (poorly) wrote a book attacking Empower, Truehope and Dr. Kaplan, whining about your article.

Sour grapes.

His style is to overwhelm agencies and businesses with his criticisms of anything with which he disagrees.

At one point, after he bomboarded a radio station with hundreds of emails attacking a woman with an alternative radio show, her bosses could no longer handle the pressure and she was let go.

He has been suing me for 6 years, and even wrote letters to my attornies in his desperation. He was uncovered on the internet (Usenet) donning the disguise of a woman he called "Vera Teasdale" to augment his attacks against me and others he was suing while this case is being heard in the Supreme Court of California.

Please continue to cover this story and tell the truth.

Anti-science bigots like Polevoy have no place in medicine.

Ilena Rosenthal

Thursday, July 27, 2006

CFS and Fibro workshop

Dear Adam and Family, I attended your CFS and Fibro workshop June 26 2004. It's been 2 years and I have not had fibro pain since then! Thankyou for spreading the word that we CAN take our lives into our own hands and heal ourselves. I've passed on your books to many people and have told my medical doctor, chiropractor and massage therapist about your work. I am hoping to attend your October sessions in Toronto. Blessings,

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Healing Source

“Adam says over and over at the workshops that the person heals themselves and he is there to actively facilitate the healing.”

Well then, what “causes” healing take place?

Fundamentally it boils down to the way we mentalize based upon linear dynamics in a Newtonian paradigm of “cause and effect”.
With the dualistic view of cause and effect, it makes logical sense to come to the conclusion that Adam is actually doing the healing, but, as he has stated many times, that is not the case.

The truth of the matter is that healing is facilitated by many conditions, just one of those conditions being intention. As Adam facilities this process with intention through visualization, the person experiencing the healing also facilitates the healing response using intention.
When intention is present as a condition and other conditions, known and unknown (from a cause and effect standpoint) are met, the actual healing “affect” is perceived but happens of its own as a result of many conditions. It is sourced out of a non-linear dynamic, beyond the Newtonian dimension of cause and effect, and not “caused” by any one thing or person. It is merely facilitated and a healing results when many conditions are in place at a given “time”.

It is similar to how a seed turns into a plant. There are many “conditions” which must be in place for the seed to grow into the plant, The make up of the seed being one of those conditions, but also sunlight, water, minerals, etc. So, to attribute the “cause” of the plant to the seed is what the mind projects onto the phenomena and one based upon the dualistic split that takes place in consciousness as a result of the human ego.

In the non-linear dimension nothing is “caused” by anything else as is thought of in the Newtonian paradigm, but happens of its own when conditions are appropriate. It is the propensity to heal and probalistic when conditions are appropriate. Some of these conditions may not be “perceived” by the senses but operating in the subconscious mind, such as unknown Karmic factors.

Considering this mix of “conditions” that are needed and facilitated by intention, consciousness or the field simply promotes or facilitate healing in a “non-personal” way and is a result of simply being part of the field of consciousness at a certain “level”, such as a level of unconditional love.It may be more appropriate when one thinks within the Newtonian paradigm that it is not the “person” who actually does any healing but simply the result of being present in a certain energy field which is not “personal” but simply “is” and is of sufficient strength to facilitate healing when conditions are appropriate.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

DreamHealer Also Known as "Adam DreamHealer" Successful With Further EEG Studies

DreamHealer also known as "Adam DreamHealer" successful with further EEG studies affecting brain wave activity of a Target Person during Distant Healing Session. Adam (DreamHealer), a gifted Vancouver-based energy healer, best-selling author of three books and producer of a popular, interactive DVD, continues his healing momentum with his participation in further successful brain-mapping tests.
Vancouver, B.C. (PRWEB) July 12, 2006 – Adam (DreamHealer), a gifted Vancouver-based energy healer, best-selling author of three books and producer of a popular, interactive DVD, continues his healing momentum with his participation in further successful brain-mapping tests.
This month, Adam participated in 4 different scientific electroencephalographic (EEG) studies on 4 different individuals conducted by a local Vancouver neuro-psychologist. EEGs are non-invasive tests used in clinical studies to record brain wave patterns in controlled situations. There were 4 different combinations of readings taken with the target individual unaware of which one Adam would be connecting remotely through telepathic means. All 4 experiments showed significant brain wave activity when Adam was connected remotely.
Adam is in the process of setting up additional combinations of EEG studies to further prove the connections that we all share and to validate the idea that our intentions and thoughts can influence our health and the health of others.
Adam’s books, DVDs, and his workshops are available online. Read the latest news stories by registering for the newsletter or visiting, www.DreamHealer.com.
About Adam Dreamhealer:Adam is author of three best-selling books published in Canada and the United States by Penguin, the UK by Time Warner and in 12 other countries globally. These books include ‘Dreamhealer: A True Story of Miracle Healing’, providing intuitive health insights for guided self-healing, ‘DreamHealer 2: A Guide to Self-Empowerment’, the dramatic sequel to Adam’s first book which includes visualization techniques, and ‘The Path of The DreamHealer: The Quantum World of Energy Healing’, offering insight into our interconnectedness, healing awareness and unity. He also produced and narrates the popular DVD ‘Dreamhealer: Visualizations for Self-Empowerment’, bringing dynamic interactive visualizations into the home of thousands. Adam’s work has been endorsed by Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, rock star Ronnie Hawkins and Qigong Grandmaster Dr. Effie Chow among hundreds of others.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Professional Skeptics and Their Hidden Agenda

The problem with the truth is that so many efforts are made at distorting it to serve questionable purposes or simply reflect one own's biases and faulty thinking.Perhaps more simply said: "There are 3 sides to every story, yours, mine and the truth."I have read Adam's books and attended one of his seminars and have also carefully read his website. I have researched the Ronnie Hawkins story.With very little investigation it was apparent that Ronnie's cancer was undeniably diagnosed by surgeons at a repudible hospital. Inoperable pancreatic cancer. This was well documented by medical records and reported on. Specifically when they operated on Ronnie to cut out the cancer they did not do the procedure because it was larger than the surgeons had anticipated and was wrapped around an artery.The info. in your post appears to be another skeptic's diatribe which appears either to be deliberately misleading or just sadly lacking in investigation.People like Adam quickly discover as many others have realized - you can not change the mind of a hard-core skeptic as their mind is "locked from the inside". To spend time proving yourself to them and jumping through their various hoops (and better believe they will ask you to spend enormus time and energy to convince them)is simply not worth the effort and a huge waste of one's limited time.To others that might wonder the "truth" of the situation, perhaps you should do your own research including reading Adam's books and perusing his website as a starter.I have done me own investigation and thinking and have concluded that "Adam" is the real thing and you will hear a lot more about this gifted Canadian healer. My purpose here is not to advertise this healer but to atleast cause others to unlock their own minds a little. Besides the misinformation I find in this post is disturbing.Make sure your own mind is not being distorted by the professional skeptics as they have their own hidden agenda.